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Victoria Homes breaks ground on Cambria Phase Four

By ARTURO BOJÓRQUEZ Adelante Valle Editor - Apr 18, 2024

Imperial Valley Press

IMPERIAL — Imperial dignitaries, along with Victoria Homes representatives, held a groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday morning to begin the construction of the new Cambria Phase Four development.

Located south of the intersection of Bernardi Street and Legakes Avenue, the new development includes 102 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom homes.

“You know, in the County of Imperial housing is in shortage,” Imperial Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce Board President Sher Cowie said at the event. “And when you think of housing in the city of Imperial, you think Victoria Homes.”

Cowie, President and Owner of real estate company Prince and Associates said the chamber is proud not only to have Victoria Homes as a member but as part of the housing community.

“They are the face of the city of Imperial when it comes to housing,” Cowie, a former Imperial County Association of Realtors President, added. “We are we are so honored to be here this morning with you guys.”

“I'd like to thank you all for coming out,” Imperial City Mayor Pro-Tem James Tucker said. “I’d also like to thank Victoria Homes for making everything simple to purchase a new house for our younger generation.”

“I’m excited to be a part of this special occasion as we recognize Victoria Holmes for their exemplary work on Cambria Four,” state Sen. Steve Padilla District Representative Guillermo Hernandez said. “Today’s certificate commemorates the groundbreaking of this new phase which signifies another significant advancement to our local community.”

The legislator’s representative, who said he lived in a Victoria Home when he first moved to the Imperial Valley — where his parents still enjoy their Calexico Victoria subdivision home — said creating housing goes beyond construction, as it’s about nurturing communities where families can prosper.

“The satisfaction and community warmth there clearly highlights the positive impact Victoria Homes continues to make,” Hernandez added. “We look forward to seeing (Victoria Homes’) continued contributions to our community’s growth and prosperity.”

“I just want to say thank you so much for you guys to come out here and celebrate with us,” Victoria Homes Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Interior Design, said. “We're really excited to have this new community here in Imperial.”

“What we do here I think is special,” Victoria Homes President Tory Lessley said. “I enjoy providing homes for people. You know, this is the American dream. This is what people look forward to. This is where families grow.”

In an interview, Michelle Hollinger, also the IVRCC Treasurer, said the company has been in town for the last 35 years, in which Victoria Homes has built 3,500 homes.

“I’m proud of Imperial and its growth,” Hollinger said. “This is my home now. So I’ve considered myself a local.”

The upcoming Cambria Four consists of 102 four-bedroom and five-bedroom homes, whose amenities include a loft and up to 2,200 square feet.

Currently, the company has already sold out its 53-home Victoria Park development, while moving forward with the Victoria Ranch subdivision.

Hollinger said the company that started in Calexico has always been looking for land in the Imperial Valley to develop homes.

In other valley cities, the company has struggled to find the right piece of property to develop. However, Victoria Homes has consistently been looking for new property.

Next week, the company plans to meet with Calipatria officials to discuss future development in the Northend.

According to Hollinger, the company expects to build another 700 homes in Imperial.

Although the Golden State is considered the fifth largest economy in the world, California has struggled in the last decades to build new homes to address the scarcity of housing issues.

In this regard, Hollinger said the company has partnered with Sun Community Federal Credit Union to make construction go quickly and make homeowners get their homes.

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