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IVRCC welcomes four new board Members for 2024-2025, appoints Vice President

Imperial Valley Press - June 28, 2024

EL CENTRO — The Regional Chamber of the Imperial Valley is proud to announce the addition of four distinguished professionals to its Board of Directors, representing various areas of the Imperial Valley, and the appointment of Victor Nava as Vice President for the 2024-2025 year.

According to a press release from the Imperial Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce, the new board members will provide broader representation and stronger regional collaboration, ensuring that the interests of all areas within the Imperial Valley are addressed and supported. Mr. Nava, currently serving as Senior Vice President of Retail & Strategic Marketing at Sun Community Federal Credit Union, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to this leadership role.

Victor Nava has an extensive background in the chamber community, having served as Past President of the Westmorland Chamber of Commerce (2009-2012), the Brawley Chamber of Commerce (2010-2011), and the Holtville Chamber of Commerce (2013-2014). Victor also served as a Board Member for the El Centro Chamber of Commerce from 2016-2021 and is a current Executive Board Member of the IV Regional Chamber of Commerce. His past leadership demonstrates his commitment to fostering business growth and community development throughout the Imperial Valley region.

At Sun Community Federal Credit Union, Mr. Nava has played a crucial role in strategic marketing initiatives, enhancing retail operations, and driving community-focused financial services. Victor’s appointment as Vice President of IVRCC is a continuation of his legacy of community service and economic development, the release reads.

“I am confident that his expertise and vision will contribute to a prosperous year ahead, allowing us to continue to create new opportunities for businesses and enhancing the quality of life in the Imperial Valley,” said Sher Cowie, President.

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