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Boozey Bites Catering boogies on down

Boozey Bites Catering hosted its Grand Opening with a stellar disco-themed Mixer at the Imperial Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce. Without a physical storefront, Boozey Bites is all about coming to you!

“That’s the thing about my business, I don’t have a business front. This is what part of the Chamber helps to promote, business interactions and coordination support,” said Boozey Bites Owner Sidney "Squid" Hollinger.

Squid explained the importance of working with different businesses and fulfilling individual orders as well, mentioning the frequent orders of grazing and charcuterie boards, finger food and hors d’oeuvres, and more.

“I’ve already done this with quite a few other businesses as well, I have to come to those businesses for their events. So, it is essentially an interaction between two different businesses and the Chamber can help promote a lot of those interactions,” she said.

Grand Opening guests were given a small sample of Squid’s catering options as they grazed a large table full of goodies both sweet and savory.

“I am a one-does-it-all, jack of all trades; cuisines – I like to try everything, I like to cook everything. I’m creative, experimental, and most importantly, I come to you. I’m 100 percent malleable as a person and as a chef,” Squid said.

IVRCC CEO and Vice President said, “When I've talked to her about some of her visions she wants to create the perfect experience, and that's really different. You have somebody that looks at what you need and then creates a special experience for that … (and) that makes your event or evening more special.”

Contact Squid at Boozey Bites Catering at (619) 729-3655 or

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