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Belellano Insurance Services Makes Their Move

The Imperial Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce joined Belellano Insurance Services to host a Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Thursday, June 16, to celebrate their new location at 610 South 8th Street in El Centro.

“I get very excited at these types of events. I know that our host has been in business since 2010 but the movement to this location, do we love it? Is it beautiful? I mean, it’s just gorgeous here, congratulations,” said IVRCC Board President Anne Irigoyen.

Belellano Insurance Services has more than 10 years of experience concentrating on insurance, where their core products are health insurance, Medicare, life insurance, dental, vision, and employee benefits. They strive to deliver peace of mind to their clients, which includes helping them understand Medicare, bundling insurance without reducing coverage, and more.

El Centro Mayor Tomas Oliva said, “We’ve gone through a very difficult two years. The pandemic wasn’t easy for any of us, and even though this business has been in operation for many years, the whole purpose of us gathering here today is to say, just like coming out of the pandemic, “we’re back.” They’re here and they’re ready to work. They’re ready to earn your business and so we couldn’t be happier for you to find this great location.”

“Business is very important to us, and especially to me. I’m a business owner as well and it’s been really tough the last few years so to see you succeed and grow and be amazingly successful here makes me so happy,” said IVRCC Board President Anne Irigoyen.

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